Empowering Single Fathers

DSCF9456[1] Single Fathers Empowerment Programme

Single Fathers in the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis are being given the opportunity to reverse what has been often portrayed in a negative light – “Their commitment to their children.”

Recognizing the large number of young men who fall into this category (single father) in St. Kitts and Nevis and a plethora of related issues, members of the National Commission for UNESCO submitted a proposal to empower these men.



The Reality

An increasing number of single fathers are beginning to show interest in rearing their children. However a number of challenges have crept in especially in relation to issues with the mothers of these children. Thus visitation becomes non-existent or very strained due to very personal unresolved relational issues. In these situations most men feel powerless. There is a general assumption that the law will take the woman’s side on these issues; hence they give up. This only results in the child not having an accurate view of the love and care that a father may feel.

The objective of the programme is to give the single fathers the basic skills to interact with their children in order to create stronger relationships and encourage better lifestyles and happier households. Additionally the programme seeks to educate these men about their legal rights and responsibilities based on legislation that has been implemented in this regard.

A large component of the project is geared at father’s involvement in their children’s educational advancement.
DSCF9455[1]Expected Outcomes:

  • Fathers will be exposed to the legislation that speaks to Child Maintenance Bill and the Guardianship Bill.
  • Fathers will acquire hands on skills in parenting children along the developmental continuum, and to empower them through basic education.
  • To empower fathers on problem solving techniques and employ creative strategies to withstand societal disapproval

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