~Making Math a Part of Everyday Life~

Math Olympiad

Educators in St. Kitts and Nevis have taken head on the challenge of transforming the perspective that somehow seems to be prevalent among students that “Math is Just Simply Too hard.” Results for Mathematics have indicated over the years that some form of creative intervention was necessary. With the help of UNESCO a group of enthusiastic curriculum educators developed the Math Olympiad; a new approach to Mathematics instruction by way of fun activities for students.

This subtle intervention hopes to transform the way “we do math” and to liberate students from to bondage of the “old order” by reshaping their concepts and helping them to realize that Math is life!

Components of the project included:

A Math Decathlon:      A day long Math competition among high school students witnessed by a large contingent of the student body.

Teacher Training:        Training for teachers who specialize in the Math subject

Olympiad Newsletter: Featuring activities for the Math Olympiad, Math Trivia and a Math in everyday life segment.